Kalyan Panel Chart January 2021

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DATE Kalyan Number
1-Jan-2021 55
2-Jan-2021 46
3-Jan-2021 **
4-Jan-2021 36
5-Jan-2021 18
6-Jan-2021 63
7-Jan-2021 74
8-Jan-2021 82
9-Jan-2021 31
10-Jan-2021 **
11-Jan-2021 29
12-Jan-2021 59
13-Jan-2021 52
14-Jan-2021 6
15-Jan-2021 62
16-Jan-2021 80
17-Jan-2021 **
18-Jan-2021 52
19-Jan-2021 30
20-Jan-2021 36
21-Jan-2021 52
22-Jan-2021 53
23-Jan-2021 3
24-Jan-2021 #sunday#
25-Jan-2021 98
26-Jan-2021 **
27-Jan-2021 02
28-Jan-2021 51
29-Jan-2021 37
30-Jan-2021 75
31-Jan-2021 #sunday#

The time for the commencement and closure of Kalyan Matka is fixed. Kalyan Matka Open is 3:45 pm while the closing time is 5:45 pm. The time of Kalyan Night Open is 9:35 p.m. while the closing time is 12:05 p.m. Kalyan Matka is played on the basis of numbers. in it
Kalyan Panel Chart January 2021 Timing

The right number or pair is considered to be won. Kalyan Matka inThere are many websites and app available on the Internet to tell the correct number and pairWhich claims to be the perfect Kalyan Matka Result.

Its Other games like Also Mark edts are available Such as Capital Matka, Capital Matka, 7 Star Day, De Lakki Star, Parel Dey, Parel Knight etc.

Time Open: 1 PM
Time Close: 2 PM
Milan Open: 3.05 PM
Milan Close: 5.05 PM
Kalyan Open: 3.45 PM
Kalyan Close: 5.45 PM
Milan Night Open: 9 PM
Milan Night Close: 11.05 PM
Main Ratan Open: 9.35 PM
Main Ratan Close: 12 AM
Kalyan Night Open: 9.35 PM
Kalyan Night Close: 12.5 AM

Kalyan Panel Chart January 2021

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